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Space Blog Episode #5: Gem Guice is Lit! (without the Hype)

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Forget the terribly inaccurate portrayal of cannabis as codeine cough syrup, while recognizing the demand for easily consumable, safe, and solventless products. Enter Gem Guice. The first and only solventless cannabis drink enhancer available on California's recreational shelves.

While the gummies come in a variety of flavors, the recent Gem Guice tincture (coming soon) are flavored with organic, locally grown fruit from @SmallFruitsFarm. Not only is the cannabis grown in Humboldt, but so are the fruits to flavor it! Talk about a hand-made product containing a ton of love. The people at Space Gem truly go over the top to provide a consistently cared for product that continually surpasses expectations. Space Gem is the edible company for the California Cannabis market and anything else falls short.


Just like the uniquely fruit flavored variety of Space Drops, the new Space Gem Gem Juice is Vegan, Organic, Solventless (of course), and made with the same all natural ingredients used in our gummies. Water, organic real sugar, (no high-fructose corn syrup), ice water Hash, organic coconut oil, citric acid, and fruit flavorings from Humboldt make up the jiggity-Gem-Guice. Gem Guice is a Cannabis infused beverage enhancer that can be added to almost anything or sipped straight from the bottle for fast relief. The High Times Cannabis Cup award winning brand uses solventless hash from Talking Trees Farm to infuse everything they make. The same sun-grown Humboldt hash that makes Space Drop Gummies so special, is used in the Gem Guice.


As a local Humboldt County brand Space Gem is able to work with some incredible farms to source the freshest, finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis thriving like no other place on earth. As the solventless edible originators, Space Gem is truly blessed by their farmers. Thanks to this amazing relationship with Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem infuses their products with premium ice water hash.


Space Gem's Water hash is extracted from what is called WPFF (Whole-Plant Fresh Frozen (cannabis)) to provide the real Full-Spectrum effect. While others claim full spectrum and a host of random terms, their methods of chemical extraction deplete the vast majority of the products crucial components, originally contained within the trichome glands. These crucial components originating within each and every trichome gland or "head," contain hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes completely destroyed by other extraction methods. Using ice and water to extract a high grade hashish product is the key to the extremely potent and powerful effects of each Space Drop and drip of their newest Gem Guice. With the concentrate world waking up to solventless superiority, grab your Space Gem's while you still can! For real!

Market View

Looking across the market there's a few products using non-conventional techniques to extract and infuse edibles. Some are infusing their butter with cannabis directly rather than first extracting the trichomes into bubble hash. While this is preferred to all solvent or distillate edibles, it wouldn't go over so well in a gummy or syrup. It isn't easy to hide the taste of cannabis and create a gummy from a plant.

All the delicious tasting, but basically useless gummies and candies on the market are made with pure THC distillates, which are clear and have no smell or taste. While these distillate extracts provide an extremely cost effective product, prices don't always reflect this. Furthermore, distillates are the lowest quality extracts available with the least therapeutic application. Yes, distillation isolates pure THC, but in doing so it removes and destroys all other cannabinoids and the entire terpene profile of the plant.

All products have their place within the cannabis industry, so keep in mind my opinions on all cannabis products are positive. It's more a matter of putting things into perspective and understanding where they sit, or rank in their proper places. Ice water hash is undoubtedly unsurpassed in quality among the concentrate industry and the same is true for edibles made with ice water hash.

While other companies jump on the solventless bandwagon and try to infuse gummies with solventless hash or rosin, good luck! Space Gem spent the last seven years changing, altering, tweaking, and finally perfecting the art of pastry for the cannabis world. They were onto the water hash from the beginning. Solventless is the future and that revolution mentioned before? Yeah, it's in full-swing effect. The problem is, many of these companies produce numerous products and set aside what is considered "food-grade" quality hash for the edible infusions. That's fine and dandy unless you actually want the same level of quality in your edibles that I hope you demand in your solventless hash. Space Gem's long running relationship with Talking Trees Farms allows them to infuse their product with a premium ice water extract and not leftover scraps or trim run distillation. You will notice what's missing in other products after feeling the effects of the fast acting liquid Gem Guice, powered by ice water hash.

And before all you hardcore types turn away, there's a 600mg version available as a tincture too! Made by hand with blackberries picked from Small Fruits Farms! This will pack a punch!

You can almost think of the Gem Juice as liquid gummies, packed with water hash (just don't try to dab it). A hand-made product from start to finish that is extracted from cannabis using only ice and water. Many have already seen the miracle and certainly felt it too, with Space Gem and their Space Drops in ridiculously high-demand. If you see Space Gem products you better buy them while you still can!


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1 Comment

I love the Space Gems and the Space Gem tinctures. I am 71 years of age, and have a myriad of health issues. Space Gem Products really are a miracle for me. I don't like having to smoke marijuana, as the smoke injures the lungs. Keep up the good work. John Firebaugh, Southern Humboldt County.

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