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Space Blog Episode 4: Binary Defying Space Drops [Sweet, Sour, and 1:1 CBD]

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Despite the complexities of life everything from prior gender roles (male or female), to our political system (Republican or Democrat), to our prior understanding of Cannabis (sativa or indica) hinges on binaries... Either or. Up or down. Left or right but without any room in the middle. If only life were that simple, but speaking at least for cannabis (gender roles and political parties too): IT IS NOT! Rather than shopping for cannabis products based on these outdated modes of prohibition rhetoric, it's time we reach a deeper understanding of the cannabis we consume.

Ice Water Hash Infused Gummy Space Drops come in a variety of flavors.

Sativa or Indica? Science Says No

While science has debunked the genetically unidentifiable myth of sativa or indica years ago, it remains a top concern to almost every retail consumer. It's really no wonder when these terms are blasted across packaging almost forcing their existence. Luckily, some brands have now gone as far as to issue gag-orders against the words. For all modern cannabis, original "land-race" varieties have been bred and crossed leaving a hybridized genetic for almost every variety existing today.

Scientists cannot detect or distinguish indica or sativa genetics and the terms should have faded right then and there. Unable to scientifically distinguish sativa or indica through regulated lab testing, it would be nothing short of false marketing to claim a product is one or the other. As the solventless edible pioneer's, Space Gem foregoes these highly questionable marketing trends of labeling their Space Drops sativa or indica and instead offers their ice water hash edibles in Sour, Sweet, and a 1:1 CBD version. But, if science isn't your "thing," there are still more than enough reasons to forget the words sativa and indica when shopping for any retail cannabis product.

Don't Be Fooled

These terms sativa and indica have become the lingo of corporate marketing and manipulation every cannabis consumer should fear. Using the terminology sativa or indica to describe the effect or high produced, rather than the genetic itself, becomes another binary assumption doing no justice to the intricate variances of cannabis' potential effects. There is a whole lot of middle ground besides couchlock and high energy, the two opposite effects usually associated with indica and sativa. It's really become a lazy way to generalize a product without an honest take. The high is much more nuanced than our earlier understanding allows. Most modern cannabis varieties are well-rounded in the effects they produce. This is the idea behind crossing different genetic varieties after all, as you want the best of what each genetic has to offer. That is what Space Gem provides from single-source, sun-grown, Humboldt County cannabis.

We have also seen the opposite effect from a strain labeled sativa or indica too many times to take the words seriously anymore. Proving the subjective and individual experience cannabis causes, to assume and label products sativa or indica can be equally misleading. Don't let indica or sativa labels steer you away from trying certain strains and products as the effects are so subjective and open to interpretation that you just might find a new favorite.

The Usual Suspect: Distillates

Most of the industry's edible products and vape cartridges are made from the same THC distillate. These distillates are devoid of the terpenes and cannabinoids, which when present lead to the the Entourage Effect and dictate the high. Edibles made from cannabis distillate, are stripped clean of terpenes and hundreds of cannabinoids that are only present in solventless edibles like ice water hash. For most of the edible and vape products, they all contain the same THC distillate that lacks the terpenes and cannabinoids that would cause either an upward (sativa) or downward (indica) kind of high. You get the shell of a high missing all the best substance. It's become a pretty bad joke, using the cannabis community's own terminology to manipulate the unaware consumer.


This misleading rhetoric blasted across the cannabis industry does not benefit customers in anyway. Weed itself is no longer good enough unless you have 50 different kinds to choose from and never get to try them all. And yet, somehow with tens of thousands of different cannabis varieties, they are all supposed to fit neatly into two specific categories of effect? I think not.


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