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Space Gem Galactic Adventures Episode #12: Happy Earth Day

Get Crafty This Earth Day with Our Eco-Friendly Gummy Tins

Hey there, eco-space-warriors! Let's discuss something important and close to our hearts this Earth Day —sustainability. We're all about celebrating this beautiful planet and taking steps toward a cleaner future. One way we’re doing our part is with our nifty, reusable Spacedrop and Mind Expanding Belt gummy tins.

Why Our Tins Rock

In an industry wrapped up in single-use packaging, our tins are a breath of fresh, green air. They’re designed to be repurposed, so every tin you pop open is a step towards reducing waste. Pretty sweet, huh?

Reuses for Your Space Gem Tins

Got a bunch of tins lying around? Check out these rad ideas to turn them into something awesome:

  1. Desk Dynamo: Keep those pesky paper clips, thumbtacks, and small office supplies in check.

  2. Tiny Terrarium: Add some soil and your favorite small plants for a mini green space that’s all vibe.

  3. Secret Stash: Perfect for keeping your headphones safe or hiding those spare cash notes.

  4. Chic Jewelry Box: Earrings, rings, you name it. Keep your bling organized and tangle-free.

  5. DIY First Aid Kit: Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers—all in one handy spot.

  6. Fairy Houses: Create a perfect home for your fairy friends.

Get Inspired and DIY!

Remember, every small change leads to big impacts. This Earth Day, let’s get creative and celebrate our commitment to less waste and more fun.

Grab a tin and let your imagination run wild!

You are a Gem!


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