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Space Gem Galactic Adventures Episode #10: Celebrating Women Everyday

The Launch of Our New Series: Orbital Odes to Outstanding Women

As a woman-owned company inspired by the significant contributions of Black women throughout history and today, we found ourselves at a crossroads between Black History Month and the upcoming Women's Month. Recognizing that choosing just a few women to highlight would not fully honor the breadth of their impact, we've decided to launch a weekly series to celebrate inspiring women. This initiative mirrors our approach to our 23 rotating flavors—embracing variety and richness. Join us in celebrating the trailblazers, innovators, and leaders who inspire us weekly as we share their stories of courage, resilience, and achievement.

 Our first highlight is Sue Taylor, whose advocacy work and leadership have been instrumental in promoting cannabis accessibility and education, especially among seniors.

Sue Taylor: A Beacon of Advocacy and Education

Sue Taylor's journey in the cannabis industry is one of passion, dedication, and a deep-seated commitment to community well-being. As a figurehead in the movement towards destigmatizing cannabis use among older adults, Sue has championed the cause of education, ensuring that seniors have the information and support they need to explore cannabis as a viable and beneficial part of their wellness regimen.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Through her work with Farmacy Berkeley, Sue has created a space that not only offers high-quality cannabis products but also serves as a hub for community engagement, education, and the promotion of holistic health. Farmacy Berkeley is a testament to what the cannabis industry can achieve when driven by care, knowledge, and inclusivity.

We look forward to sharing stories, insights, and the many ways women are shaping the world's future and cannabis. For more information about Farmacy Berkeley and the incredible work Sue Taylor is doing, please visit Farmacy

Stay tuned for more highlights as we continue to explore the narratives of women who are breaking barriers, setting new standards, and inspiring change within the cosmos and beyond.

You are a Gem!


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