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Most asked questions answered!

What is the difference between Sour and Sweet?

We use an organic sour sugar coating for Sour Space Drops and regular organic sugar coating for the Sweet Space Drops. We love both! The Sweet are more true to the organic real fruit flavor and the Sour covers that a bit with its ultra sour taste.

How are Space Gem edibles vegan?

We use a pectin base.  Pectin is a naturally occurring substance made from berries, apples and other fruits.

How much THC and/or CBD is in each Drop?

Sour + Sweet Space Drops: 10mg THC <1mg CBD

CBD Space Drops: 5 mg THC : 5 mg CBD

How Do I Use Gem Guice?

Gem Guice is a simple syrup elixir. You can add it to any beverage, your pancakes, on ice cream, even bake with it! We recommend sparkling water!

What is Ice Water Hash?

Ice Water Hash is exactly what it says. Its is a solventless extract, created only using Ice, Water, and Cannabis. 

There is no Butane, CO2, or  Alcohol used the making of our edibles.

We believe Ice Water Hash is the most effective delivery of the medicine.

About Our Ingredients

Instead of Corn Syrup we use Tapioca Syrup.  Tapioca Syrup comes from a brown skinned tuberous root known as cassava grown in Asia, Africa & South America.

Flavored with organic flavorings from fruits.

Instead of Red dye #40 or Yellow #7 we use organic coloring from plants & vegetables.

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