Frequently Asked Questions


What flavors are there?

SpaceDrops are a miracle Multi-Flavored Gummy.

They come with two flavor choices: Sour or Sweet 

Both will make your mouth water

What is the difference between Sour or Sweet?

The sugar coating one is sour and the other one is sweet.  We love both flavors but sour does cover the taste more. 

How are they a vegan gummy?

We use a pectin base.  Pectin is a naturally occurring substance made from berries, apples and other fruits.

How much THC or CBD is in each drop?

They are around 10mg THC in the Sour & Sweet.

The CBD Drops they are around 4.5mg THC : 4.5mg CBD

Each SpaceDrops weighs 5.5 grams.  Bite sized

Instead of Corn Syrup we use Tapioca Syrup.  Tapioca Syrup comes from a brown skinned tuberous root known as cassava grown in Asia, Africa & South America.

Flavored with organic flavorings from fruits.

We don't want to limit the patients to one flavor.  Miracle of flavors in your mouth is our goal.

Instead of Red dye #40 or Yellow #7 we use organic coloring from plants & vegetables.

Our products are made with Premium Ice Water Hash.  What is Ice Water Hash?

Ice Water Hash is what is says.

Only Ice, Water and Cannabis was used in making our extract from our products.  No solvent was used making these product like Butane, CO2  or Alcohol.  

We believe Ice Water Hash is the most effective delivery of the medicine.

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