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Space Gem Galactic Adventures Episode #11: Space Weed?

Updated: Apr 22

Chris Hadfield, a retired Canadian astronaut became widely known for his social media presence and educational outreach while commanding Expedition 35 aboard the International Space Station (ISS). In April 2013, Hadfield tweeted a photo of himself holding a bag labeled "Easter eggs" while floating in the ISS, showing off how the crew was celebrating Easter in space. Internet users later humorously altered this innocent and fun gesture.

The original photo was photoshopped by someone to replace the "Easter eggs" label with "Space Weed," making it appear as if Hadfield was showing off a bag of cannabis in space. The edited image circulated online amused many due to the juxtaposition of strict space regulations against the playful idea of having something as controversial as cannabis on the ISS.

Hadfield, known for his sense of humor and engagement with the public, took the joke in stride. The altered image was widely shared and enjoyed as a harmless internet prank. It's worth noting that this incident reflects the playful interactions between astronauts and their followers on social media, showcasing how space exploration can engage people's imaginations in varied and sometimes unexpected ways.

Of course, the actual possession or use of cannabis or any other controlled substance aboard the International Space Station is strictly prohibited. Such regulations ensure the safety, health, and optimal performance of the crew in the challenging environment of space. This humorous episode is a testament to Chris Hadfield's popularity and the creative ways the public engages with astronauts and their missions.

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